Your lawn is important, not only to the value of your home, but it should also be a source of pride. Residential irrigation systems are significantly more affordable than you might think.


Valiant Irrigation works closely with developers, builders, contractors, commercial property owners, property management companies, and landscape companies.

Design Services

Design Services
Do you have an existing system or need a new system designed? We provide industry-best system designs so you know exactly where each part of your system is located underground.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting
Custom outdoor lighting not only adds to the beauty of your home, but it also helps ensure the security of your property Professional outdoor lighting also adds to the value of your home.

Valiant Irrigation Specializes in Residential and Commercial Irrigation

When Should I Water My Lawn?

This is one of the most common questions I hear when talking to anyone with a lawn…especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not watering at the best time of the day, which can cost them more money and cause damage to their grass and other plants. The average lawn needs about one […]


Summertime Start-ups

Winter weather and cold temperatures are finally behind us, and it’s time to fire up your irrigation system in preparation for the summer months. Although starting your system for the first time this year may be exciting, it’s important to prepare and carefully awaken your pipes and sprinkler heads, so you can avoid costly […]


Trenchless Irrigation: What is it?

I always enjoy studying industry trends and new technology. While it’s not necessarily “new technology,” trenchless irrigation is the latest trend in residential and commercial irrigation installation. In my opinion, trenchless irrigation is one of the most important advancements, as it provides both long and short-term benefits to homeowners and commercial property owners. So how […]


Our Services

1. Spring Start-up

To ensure your system is ready for the spring and summer watering season, it’s important to perform a Spring Start-up. Valiant Irrigation offers this service to ensure your system is running properly.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect each piece of your system to make sure they are working properly, ready to deliver water and nutrients to your lawn. We will adjust your sprinkler heads, as needed, and let you know if any part of your system needs to be repaired or replaced.


2. Repairs

Like any system in your home, irrigation systems need repairs from time-to-time. From aging parts and accidental damages to Mother Nature and misuse, we will assess the problem and repair it quickly.

Whether your irrigation system was installed by Valiant Irrigation or another provider, we will thoroughly inspect your system to properly identify the needed repairs. We’ll provide you will a detailed report and answer any questions you may have prior to beginning the repair.


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3. Trenchless Irrigation

We are one of the only irrigation companies in the Western Kentucky and Northwest Tennessee area using the trenchless irrigation method. This installation technique helps ensure your project is completed quickly, without disrupting the beauty of your lawn.

We use specialized equipment to carefully slice through lawn turf and lay the necessary pipe and wiring simultaneously, eliminating large trenches.


4. Winterization

Freezing temperatures are almost inevitable during the winter months in Western Kentucky and Northwest Tennessee. It’s extremely important for your irrigation system to be winterized to prevent costly damage that can be caused by freezing temperatures.

When our technicians perform your Winterization Service, they will remove any water from your system to prevent your pipes from freezing. They will also turn off your system, if it is still on. Our trained technicians have the appropriate equipment and expertise to remove all water from your water lines and backflow, to reduce the likelihood of damage to your system during the winter.


Ensure Your Irrigation System Runs Properly and Efficiently

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
I used Valiant to open and close my home irrigation system last year. They were on time, efficient and the billing was fair!

Our Guarantee

Your irrigation system is one of your most important investments. We offer a 2-year parts and craftsmanship warranty on every system we install.

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